Common houseflies seem harmless. They don't sting or bite, and the worst they do is cause an annoyance with their buzzing flight around a room, so most people tend to ignore them after some feeble swatting attempts. But repeated fly sightings can be a big problem for your home or business. Learn about the different varieties of flies with our Pest Library.

Flies don't need to sting or bite to cause a health risk. The common housefly is capable of carrying more than 100 pathogens that can cause diseases such as anthrax, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, tuberculosis and parasitic worms. They are always eating, and that means they are always defecating - houseflies feed on liquids or semi-liquids that have been softened with saliva or vomit. Because they carry so many pathogens, and because they can spread them quickly with their speedy flight, flies are considered to be more of a disease-spreading pest than cockroaches.

They also feed on a wide variety of decaying organic matter - there are not a lot of things flies won't eat. And whatever flies eat, they also use as egg-laying sites. A common female can lay about 100 eggs on a food source, and those soon hatch into maggots. And that leads to one of the biggest challenges about flies: They are everywhere around the world. Of all the insects found on the globe, the housefly has the widest distribution, from the sweltering tropics to the frigid Arctic. Anywhere people go, flies follow.

Flies have an important role in our ecology, but that role shouldn't be performed in your home or business. Even a single fly can have an effect on your family or your customers. If you have a problem with flies, there are some things property owners can do, such as keeping counters clean, keeping trash covered and patching holes where flies can enter. MosquitoNix fly treatments feature a two-pronged approach for effective control - it sets up a barrier of protection, and follows with targeted spot treatment. Our solutions are affordable and our technicians aim for your complete satisfaction for eliminating pests such as flies. Contact our friendly staff members today - they will tell you more about our services and how to get a free cost estimate.