MosquitoNix Pro Botanical – Our New & Improved Pest Control Solution

Modern pest control requires modern innovation. Introducing MosquitoNix® PRO Botanical: an organic solution to outdoor pest control that's designed to keep you, your family and the wildlife around you happy and healthy.

What Is MosquitoNix PRO Botanical?

MosquitoNix PRO Botanical is our new and improved formula, forgoing the use of traditional chemical pesticides for a green alternative that is guaranteed to be effective when used as directed. This eco-friendly mosquito control solution is formulated using essential oils like cedarwood oil, cinnamon oil and thyme oil as active ingredients with 150 biological compounds to boost their effectiveness and target the life cycle of insect pests. This formula has been university-tested to outperform Pyrethrums, and the organically grown ingredients that make it up have been formulated using EPA-recognized FIFRA (GRAS) active and inert ingredients.

How Does MosquitoNix PRO Botanical Work?

MosquitoNix PRO Botanical uses a combination of microfluidized encapsulated oils for time-released dispersal using fatty acids. These encapsulated oils are designed in varying sizes and hardnesses so that they will degrade at varying rates, keeping your yard safe from invasive pests for longer periods of time. This type of combination fatty acid encapsulation provides more than 90% repellency against mosquitos - including Aedes aegypti.

Is MosquitoNix PRO Botanical Safe?

MosquitoNix PRO Botanical is designed to be completely harmless for you, your family, your pets, your garden and local beneficial wildlife. It won't affect small mammals, aquatic life, birds or any other nature-dwelling animals, and it's even completely friendly for bee and butterfly populations, saving beneficial pollinators that help the environment. This is because our organic mosquito spray specifically targets the life cycle of harmful pests, killing their larva and repelling adults to keep them off your property.

Use MosquitoNix PRO Botanical Today

MosquitoNix offers a variety of services to help keep your outdoor time safe from annoying pests. For continuous relief from mosquitos and other pests like gnats, flies, ticks and more, speak to us about installing an outdoor insect misting system - a permanent addition that creates a completely mosquito-free zone. This discreet, automatic system is set up at key points in your yard where it won't interfere with your outdoor time but will still handle pest issues, and with the ability to automatically set misting intervals or manually activate them for instant pest relief, our mosquito control system is the best way to customize a solution to your home or property.

For temporary relief at outdoor events and gatherings, consider our QuickNix® mosquito fogging treatments. These treatments can last up to two weeks but are guaranteed for up to 72 hours - keeping mosquitos and other pests away from your outdoor weddings, sporting events, concerts and much more. If you're planning a special event but have been concerned about pests ruining your time, the solution is here.

Contact us today to learn more about how MosquitoNix can assist you with your pest control needs. Whether you'd like to learn more about MosquitoNix PRO Botanical or our services, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Get started on your pest relief journey today with MosquitoNix.