Although heartworm is not a common parasite found with humans, it is common with dogs. Because infected mosquitos can pass the heartworm parasite to dogs, you'll want to keep your backyard protected from mosquitos with MosquitoNix® products. We offer affordable fogging and on the go misting systems that will work for both residential and commercial applications.

Heartworm disease in dogs is a common illness that's found throughout the world, including in the United States. Because you cannot look at a mosquito and determine whether it's carrying an infection for heartworm, it smarter to try to eliminate the threat of mosquitos where your dogs will spend time.

Preventing heartworm in a dog is easier than trying to treat the disease after the dog starts showing symptoms. Dogs showing symptoms of a heartworm illness will begin to develop a cough. Dogs won't be able to exercise as long as they did before the infection. Dogs will eventually die if they suffer from a serious infestation of heartworms.

Heartworm larvae from an infected mosquito take six or seven months to mature into adult heartworms in the dog. Once the heartworms mature into adulthood, they lodge in the dog's heart, causing damage. A dog could end up with so many heartworms within its pulmonary arteries that the right side of the heart becomes blocked with the worms, leaving little room for blood to flow. These parasites may also clog arteries, causing further problems.

Occasionally, a mosquito carrying the heartworm larvae will bite a human, causing an infection, but this is extremely rare. Heartworms in humans show up in the lungs, but they don't reach adulthood. Beyond dogs, mosquitos carrying heartworm larvae can infect cats, ferrets and other mammals, but it's a rarer disease in mammals other than dogs.

To keep your dog protected when it's playing in the backyard, consider mosquito control products from MosquitoNix, which work to control ticks and other flying insects, too. The custom mosquito control misting systems we provide work great for keeping mosquitos out of the backyard. We also provide special event spraying at private homes or commercial properties.