Many MosquitoNix solutions used for managing mosquito populations are derived from chrysanthemum flower. A power biodegradable natural insecticide that has been used to help control insects for over 60 years. This active ingredient is commonly found in topical flea and tick shampoos helping protect man’s best friend.

Automatic misting systems are also widely used by horse equine industries in & around barns and approved for use around poultry and livestock to help control insects. Pyrethrum is nature's natural insecticides that acts by blocking chemical signals at nerve junctions in insects. The materials are extremely photosensitive and break down quickly in the presence of sunlight and air.

MosquitoNix team members are licensed by the Department of Agriculture and trained to properly apply EPA approved solutions based on recommended labeling instructions.

What are the facts?

  • Derived from chrysanthemum daisy
  • Nature's natural insecticide, Pyrethrum 
  • Natural occurring repellant 
  • Flushing action
  • Fast knockdown - It works, killing mosquitoes on contact
  • Minimal insect resistance
  • Biodegradable  
  • It's long been used to fight mosquitos
  • Commonly found in flea & tick shampoo
  • It's botanical, and will not accumulate in the environment
  • Very low dosage rates are used

Dr. Ray Thompson, Ph.D, is an entomologist and he personally is an advocate of misting systems for mosquito controls “I have a misting systems at my own home. Mosquito populations are always high in North Texas (as is the potential for several arboviruses known to occur here) throughout the summer months.  I have conducted mosquito landing counts in my own yard, so I know our misting systems reduces the mosquito populations” says Dr. Thompson.

If you are looking for all natural solutions we also offer MosquitoNix Green services which is 100% eco-friendly.

MosquitoNix offers an array of solutions to help control insects at your home or business. You can always talk directly with your local office and licensed MosquitoNix representative to learn more.

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