The National Leader in Mosquito Control

If you're curious about whether MosquitoNix® is right for you, you've come to the right place. We're excited to show you just what our mosquito control services have to offer at a glance.

Our misting systems are the most effective and efficient option for mosquito control:

  • Targeted systems: Each MosquitoNix misting system is completely customized to your yard. The spray is targeted in areas where mosquitos live, which includes shrubs, trees and any canopy of vegetation.
  • Controlled drift: The nozzles for the misting system are low to the ground, which is where mosquitos rest. You won't have spray drifting around your yard or into neighboring areas; it's controlled and low to the ground, making it very unobtrusive.
  • Timed cycles: Most of our MosquitoNix misting systems are set up to spray three or four times per day for just 45 seconds per spray, which is the most effective way to disrupt mosquito breeding cycles. You may not even notice the sprays taking place, and the automated process makes it a no-brainer for busy households.
  • Low dosages: We don't overspray or add harsh chemicals to get the results you want. Instead, our misting systems are carefully designed to ensure maximum efficacy at the minimum dosage possible.
  • Green alternatives: All of our services can be completed using a green alternative made environmentally friendly, herbal ingredients.

Besides offering the best results, we're ahead of the competition in several ways:

  • Over 15 years of experience and industry expertise
  • Trained and licensed technicians
  • Straightforward, personal and reliable customer service
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on service plans
  • Insured and bonded
  • Licensed with nine different Departments of Agriculture
  • Located in over 400 cities in nine countries

We offer the following mosquito control services:

  • Custom misting systems
  • Monthly and ongoing fogging treatments
  • Special event spraying
  • Portable "on-the-go" units

Ready to get rid of mosquitos and other pesky insects for good? Give MosquitoNix a call to learn which of our mosquito control treatments is right for you.

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