Zika Prevention Tips

Zika Prevention Tips

May 19, 2017

It is important that the community takes measures to control mosquito populations even if you are not living in one of the existing areas of concern. The fact is the mosquito that can transmit and carry Zika are present and we need to be aware of the dangers.

At this time the cities & counties are taking a broad approach to mosquito control using aerial and truck spraying.

At MosquitoNix we believe a broad approach supplemented with a increase in targeted solutions is the most effective way to control mosquito populations. The mosquito known to transmit the Zika Virus  live & breed near your home and in your own backyard. Both our custom misting systems & on-going barrier fogging treatments take a targeted approach to controlling mosquitos. For over 13 years our team has specialized in these types of treatments.

The CDC recommends -  once a week - residents make sure to empty or throw away containers that have standing water - this includes buckets, toys, bird baths, pet bowls, trash cans & gutters etc. 

When water is mixed with items like leaves, branches or grass the chances of mosquito larvae surviving increases - so be aware of and empty, turn over, scrub or discard items that hold standing water.

In addition to eliminating standing water from your property you should:

  1. Call a licensed and trained mosquito control professional - like MosquitoNix -  to asses your property for a targeted approach to mosquito control
  2. Install a permanent mosquito control misting system or schedule weekly mosquito fogging treatments to first control - then eliminate mosquitos - from your yard, using a targeted approach
  3. Encourage friends, neighbors and families to also treat their yard with EPA approved solutions that are known to Kill mosquitos with low residual and low toxicity

It is important that we do our part to use an effective & targeted method to control mosquitos.

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