Why mosquitoes buzz

Why mosquitoes buzz

May 09, 2022

Picture it: you're out camping with your family, enjoying a beautiful summer evening - at least until you hear the all-too-familiar buzzing sound. We all know what a buzzing mosquito sounds like when it gets too close to us. But do you know just why mosquitos buzz in people's ears? And what can we do to make that annoying buzz stop once and for all?

What Makes a Mosquito Buzz?

Mosquitos, like many insects, make noise when they fly around. Unlike most insects however, the buzz of a mosquito is distinct and memorable. This high-pitched buzzing sound has a simple explanation, however - mosquitos beat their tiny wings so quickly that it produces the distinctive sound. However, it's not all mosquitos that make this buzzing noise. While both male and female mosquitos buzz, the females produce a higher buzzing sound. While you could technically hear the buzz of a male mosquito, most people don't. This is because only female mosquitos feed on blood, while male mosquitos feed off nectar and plants - keeping away from people completely.

Why Are Mosquitos Attracted to Us?

Mosquitos don't have a special sensor for where sources of blood are. Mosquitos do, however, have a good sense of direction for heat and carbon dioxide. These annoying pests are attracted to warm breath and the carbon dioxide you breathe out, so the heavier you breathe, the more likely mosquitos are to notice you. Since our heads are often also uncovered, mosquitos flock to the area - making the distinct buzzing sound the entire time, though you might not notice until they're next to your ears.

How Can I Make Them Stop?

If you don't want to deal with the buzzing sound, the best way is to deal with the problem directly. Mosquito fogging treatments can save you when you plan on spending a short time outdoors, like for special events or a weekend camping trip. These treatments target mosquito larvae, meaning that mosquitos never reach adulthood, and never buzz in your ears. You also might want to take advantage of a portable mosquito killer - an on-the-go option that protects you from mosquitos for up to 300 square feet. Finally, some peace and quiet.

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