What is Mosquito Control?

February 14, 2022

Mosquito control is the repellent and control of a native mosquito population. It is a vital public health practice that can prevent illness and death from mosquito-borne diseases. Experts first surveil the mosquito population each season, and then determine which actions should be taken to control the mosquito population, if necessary.

There are many methods of mosquito control, from large and complex systems to portable options. Each method has their own potentially life-saving advantages. Read on to learn more about the various methods of mosquito control.

Custom Misting Systems

A custom misting system is way to control the mosquito population on your property. These systems are placed in any area and are set on a timer to determine how often the area is misted. The mist consists of concentrated insecticide that is pet-friendly, non-toxic and even beneficial to the environment, when used properly. Within weeks, all adult mosquitoes living near your property will be eliminated.


If you are looking for a custom misting system, you’ve come to the right place. MosquitoNix® was the first company to bring misting systems to residential properties, and we provide the highest-quality custom misting systems on the market, no matter what your needs are.


Ongoing and One-Time Fogging Treatments

Another great method to control mosquito population is an ongoing or one-time fogging treatment. This method is fantastic for creating a temporary respite from those irksome mosquitoes in your backyard or property — perfect for those looking to host a mosquito-free outdoor event.

We here at MosquitoNix provide our own specialty fogging treatments. With a brand-new, non-toxic solution, MosquitoNix controls the population of mosquitoes wherever you need us to. This method guarantees at least 72 hours of mosquito prevention and can eliminate mosquitoes for up to two weeks. Book MosquitoNix for your next backyard party or outdoor event.


Portable, On-the-Go Solutions

Portable and on-the-go repellents are the most common mosquito solutions around. Most people have used a portable repellent at least once in their lives. These are great options if you’re looking for something affordable and effective to keep mosquitoes away for a night.


MosquitoNix takes portable mosquito control to the next level with our On-the-Go Portable Misting System. This portable option makes use of our complex misting systems for an all-in-one mosquito prevention package. Our portable misting system in a no-brainer for camping trips, protecting you and your loved ones up to 300 square feet away. This device also kills clover mites, cluster flies, mud daubers and wasps, so you can focus on fun instead of distracting pests.


Repel and Eliminate Mosquitoes with MosquitoNix®

Allow MosquitoNix to help you with your mosquito control efforts. Whether you need help with an infestation or simply want to learn more about mosquitoes and mosquito control, MosquitoNix has you covered. If you have any questions regarding any of our systems or products, feel free to contact us. Our team of mosquito control experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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