Use LED Lights This Christmas Season (They Don't Attract Mosquitos!)

Use LED Lights This Christmas Season (They Don't Attract Mosquitos!)

November 26, 2021

Living in a place that stays warm year-round makes the holiday season even more special. Christmas lights make the world dazzling and bright while creating a sense of wonder and awe for kids of all ages. However, if there's a downside, it's the fear that your Christmas lights will attract unwanted guests, especially flying insects like moths, flies and beetles. As you get ready to decorate your house this year, you might want to consider upgrading your old lights to something new. The experts at MosquitoNix® are here to explain why LED lights are a better choice to prevent bugs during the holidays.

Incandescent vs. LED Holiday Lights

When you think about making the switch to LED lights, you may not be thinking about any pest-related benefits. Have you noticed an increase in flying bugs around your holiday displays in past years? Chances are good that your strings of lights used incandescent bulbs, which can produce more heat and result in a warm, yellow glow. All that warmth is quite attractive to bugs who may use the light to navigate in the dark or enjoy the easy food source that congregating insects provides.

LED holiday lights, on the other hand, do not have the same effect on insects. LED lights do not attract bugs because they don't produce ultraviolet light or heat. LED lights are the perfect choice in warmer climates because they give off the perfect amount of brightness without attracting flying insects. That big benefit should bring you relief since you won't have to worry about uninvited pests ruining your holiday celebrations, especially when you can't count on cooler temperatures to decrease insect populations.

Other Ways LED Lights Are Better

LED holiday lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, which gives you versatility when deciding on your holiday decorations. You can use LED lights to decorate your garden or patio area without having to worry about pests crashing the party. Then you'll be able to enjoy your time outside in the warmer holiday weather with friends and family. It sure beats running for cover inside when flying pests make outdoor entertaining less festive.

Still aren't sure about LED lights? Some people like the look of old-fashioned lights, but they may not be looking at the bigger picture. Christmas LED lights are beneficial in other ways as well, including the following reasons:

  1. LED Lights Are Cool.

    We aren't referring to their looks at this point, although LED lights do have a glamour about them that can't be beat. LED lights are actually a lot cooler to the touch than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. That means that the chances of having a light-related fire is reduced, which is a huge relief if you prefer real trees to artificial ones. Those real Christmas trees can dry out over the holiday season, creating a significant risk of a fire when decorated with heat-producing lights.

    In addition, if you have young kids or pets in your home, they may get curious and touch the lights. LED lights give you peace of mind because you won't have to worry about them burning themselves.

  2. LED Lights Are Energy Efficient.

    Since LED lights don't give off heat, they use less energy than traditional Christmas lights. You won't have to worry about your holiday electric bill breaking the bank, even if you add extra lights to your indoor and outdoor holiday display. That's a huge relief at a time of year when many family budgets are already under the strain of extra expenses from shopping for gifts or hosting friends and family.

  3. LED Lights are Long Lasting.

    If there's one thing that can suck the fun out of the Christmas season, it's trying to find that one bulb in the string of lights that has burned out. Having to replace light bulbs every year can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming, but you won't have to worry about that when you use LED lights. Christmas LED lights don't rely on filaments to shine, so they can last up to 10 times longer than your traditional string of lights. That means you can go for several seasons without having to replace bulbs, making this time of year jollier than you ever imagined.

LED lights may cost more up front, but over their life span, they can save you money and stress. Do you know what else can reduce holiday stress? Having MosquitoNix take care of holiday light hanging for you! We can even treat your property to keep mosquitoes from ruining any outdoor holiday celebrations. Contact your location office or look online to learn more about our holiday light or pest control services.

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