Use LED Lights This Christmas Season (They Don't Attract Mosquitos!)

November 26, 2021

MosquitoNix® Answers: Are Bugs Attracted to LED Lights?

Christmas lights make the world dazzling and bright, as well as create a sense of wonder and awe for kids of all ages. As you get ready to decorate your house this year, you might want to consider upgrading your old lights to something new. In particular, you might want to get LED lights.

LED Lights and Insects

Investing in LED lights can be incredibly beneficial, but one of the main reasons to add these to your home this holiday season is because LED lights don't attract bugs. You may find yourself asking, "Are bugs attracted to LED lights," and the answer is no.

LED lights do not attract bugs because they don't produce any ultraviolet light. If you're like most people, the last thing you want in your house over the holidays is unwanted guests that are difficult to get rid of. LED lights are the perfect choice because they give off the perfect amount of brightness without attracting flying insects.

Not only are they perfect for your indoor space, but they can be used outside as well - with the same result. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the temperatures don't dip into freezing during the holidays, then decorating your garden or patio area with LED lights will make it look festive without having to worry about pests crashing the party.

Other Benefits of Adding LED Christmas Lights to Your Home

You may be wondering, "Do LED lights attract bugs," which they do not, but in addition, LED lights are beneficial in other ways as well. These include the following:

LED Lights Are Cool

We aren't referring to their looks at this point, although LED lights do have a glamour about them that can't be beat. LED lights are actually a lot cooler to the touch than traditional Christmas lights. That means that the chances of having a light-related fire is reduced.

In addition, if you have young kids or pets in your home that are curious and will be touching the lights, you won't have to worry about them burning themselves. You'll get dazzling decorations and peace of mind when adding LED lights to your holiday decorations.

LED Lights are Long Lasting

If there's one thing that can suck the fun out of the Christmas season, it's trying to find that one bulb in the string of lights that has burned out. Having to replace light bulbs every year can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming - unless you have LED lights.

LED lights don't rely on filaments to shine, so they can last up to 10 times longer than your traditional string of lights. That means that you can go for several seasons without having to replace bulbs in your lights, which can make this time of year even jollier than you ever imagined!

LED Lights Make Christmas Bright

Deciding to add LED lights to your Christmas decorations is worth your time and effort. You may be wondering, "Do LED light strips attract bugs," and the answer is no. In addition, they are also beneficial in other ways as well.

Should you find that you need some help hanging your lights this holiday season, call MosquitoNix® today.

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