Tips on Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Home

Tips on Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Home

December 18, 2023

5 Tips On Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies In Your Home

Fruit flies are annoying pests that can seem impossible to fully get rid of. They multiply quickly, invade your home year-round, and lay eggs in just about any room. Ready to get rid of a fruit fly infestation once and for all, or looking for tips to keep fruit flies from coming back?

We here at MosquitoNix® are happy to help with tried-and-true suggestions that will protect your home inside and out from fruit flies. By following these tips, you can safely clear fruit flies from your home without tearing up your house or putting yourself, your family or your pets at risk.

Here are the top tips to help clear out and protect your home against fruit flies:

#1: Protect Or Throw Away Your Produce

Fruit flies were given their name because they are strongly attracted to ripening and rotting fruit, especially fructose-rich fruit like mangos, bananas and apples. A fly can leave up to 500 eggs in a fruit that will hatch into larvae feeding on the ripening fruit. With the right nutrients, fruit flies can mature to adulthood in just two days with an average lifespan of 50 days.

Because of how quickly they reproduce, it is important to quickly respond to a fruit fly infestation before it gets out of hand. If possible, keep your fruits and vegetables inside the fridge or in enclosed containers or bags. If you see any signs of rotting or fly infestation, dispose of your produce immediately.

We also recommend regularly cleaning up areas where you prepare or eat food, no matter if it's produce, meat or some other food source. Fruit flies can feed even off of small crumbs, and have a strong sense of smell that will help them find food. Common store cleaning solutions will do the trick, but if you want to keep fruit flies away use cleaning solutions or air fresheners that give off a scent of peppermint or lemongrass.

#2: Dispose And Clean Your Garbage Cans

Besides produce, the most common source of fruit fly infestation is the garbage can. In many instances, people fail to properly dispose of fruit contaminated with fruit flies, giving the pests their own enclosed place to incubate.

Just because you have a fruit fly infestation doesn't mean you have to automatically throw away your garbage can. Do the following to reduce the risk of a fruit fly infestation or to try and reclaim your garbage can once fruit flies are present:

  • If you think you're throwing away fruit infested with fruit flies or their eggs, chop it up and burn it before disposal.
  • Bag up your garbage as much as possible and tie the bag shut before throwing it away. You'll reduce the scent and, if you have thrown away produce full of fruit flies, will be able to trap them in a bag.
  • At least twice a year, or whenever you have a pest infestation, clean out your garbage can by filling it up with equal parts bleach and hot water. The fumes and bleach will not only disinfect the entire garbage can, but the fumes can help keep fruit flies and other pests away throughout the year.

#3: Clear Out Sinks, Especially Kitchen Sinks

Struggling to deal with a fruit fly infestation but not sure where it's coming from? Odds are you have fruit flies laying eggs in your sink. Kitchen sinks are popular for larva growth, but maggots and fruit flies can grow from toothpaste and other substances inside your bathroom sink.

Getting rid of fruit flies growing in a sink or drain is similar to cleaning out a garbage can. However, you may not want to fill up your home or damage your drains with bleach. For a safer and fresher interior home solution, fill up a bowl with hot water, apple cider vinegar and dish soap.

The apple cider vinegar attracts fruit flies and bugs, while the dish soap helps trap and kill the pests it attracts. Put this solution in your sink and wash it with water to kill off the pests inside. We suggest doing this at least once a day for a week, though you should see improvements in your sink and home even after a couple of days.

#4: Purchase Fly Killers, Traps And Sealants

If fruit flies have spread throughout your home, or if you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, we suggest buying dedicated bug-killing products. This can include insecticides, fly traps and similar products made for inside and outside the house.

While shopping for bug killers, we also recommend buying sealing tape for your doors or window cracks. Fruit flies can breed just about anywhere, but they have to get inside your house first before they can start laying eggs. By patching up holes around your home, and making sure to leave the door close throughout the summer, you can greatly reduce the risk of fruit flies getting in and ruining your home.

#5: Hire Pesticide Services

For serious fruit fly infestations and bug problems, you'll want to contact a pesticide professional. Pesticide agents will not only clear your home of pests and put protections in place to prevent pests from reinvading in the future. Given their experience, they will often find bugs and other pests hiding in places you might forget to clean or have a hard time reaching, ensuring a complete home pest cleaning experience.

Do you need residential or commercial pesticide services? Then reach out to us at MosquitoNix! We service over 500 cities across the United States and can help you get rid of fruit flies, rodents, ants and other common pests. Our motto is simple: when you hire MosquitoNix, you can expect No More Pests. Period.

Contact us today if we can help protect you and your home when you work with us at MosquitoNix.

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