The Best Mosquito Repellant for Babies

The Best Mosquito Repellant for Babies

December 30, 2020

Why are mosquito bites dangerous to babies - MosquitoNix

Why Mosquito Bites Are Dangerous

In the best-case scenarios, mosquitoes and mosquito bites are annoying and irksome. The buzzing sounds of swarms of biting insects, welts and skin irritations as a result of a bite, plus the overall discomfort these pests cause humans make them a big nuisance.

In worst-case scenarios, a bite from certain species of female mosquitoes (the males don't bite) can spread dangerous and even deadly diseases. Mosquitoes are known as vectors or living organisms that transmit illnesses. In Africa, the Anopheles genus of mosquitoes is infamous for spreading malaria through its bite. In North America, we have to pay close attention to the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, which are potential vectors of dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and the Zika viruses.

As global climates change, the range and seasonal activity of mosquitoes can increase in locations where they weren’t a huge problem in the past. Residents of warmer states like Texas and Florida already know how dangerous mosquito bites are — but all of us should be concerned.

The best mosquito repellant for babies - MosquitoNix

Can Babies Get Sick from Mosquito Bites?

The biggest concern is: can babies get sick from mosquito bites? The answer to that question is absolutely. Babies and small children are not immune to infection from mosquito bites and are often more susceptible to multiple bites.

Infants cannot effectively swat mosquitoes away, and babies don't have the language skills to tell you that they're being swarmed by these flying insects.

Furthermore, infants often have a lot of skin exposed in warm weather. When you're changing their diapers or letting them crawl around or hang out in diapers or shorts, these flying insects only see opportunities to bite them and feed on their blood. A baby makes a perfect target for a mosquito looking for a meal.

If you begin to see an increase in skin irritations on your baby, like enflamed rosy spots, small red bumps or elevated red dermal spots with white centers, your child may be falling prey to opportunistic mosquitoes. Also, if a child is crying a lot and you can't figure out why, mosquito bites are a possible cause.

The Best Mosquito Repellant for Babies

So, what is the best mosquito repellant for babies? Your first line of defense against these flying insects is to stay away from places where you know mosquitoes are a problem. Also, you should make sure that there isn't any stagnant, standing water near where you live or on your property. Using clothing that covers up your child's skin, along with topical insect repellents are two sound strategies for keeping these pests away.

MosquitoNix® offers a variety of mosquito treatment services to protect your property from mosquitoes and mosquito bites. You'll want to enjoy the open air when the weather is good, which is why natural, eco-friendly and kid-friendly green mosquito solutions (along with our portable MosquitoNix On-The-Go) from MosquitoNix will help bolster your mosquito defenses.

Tackling mosquito populations at the source is a great way to reduce the risk of potential bites and the problems those bites may cause. Give us a call and find out more about the best mosquito repellant for babies, plus other effective treatments for making mosquitoes a thing of the past.

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