Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

October 13, 2022

MosquitoNix® Installs Thanksgiving Lights

Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition. If you're like most people, you prepare the same foods and decorate your house with the same items that you've had for years. While there's nothing wrong with recreating the same Thanksgiving year after year, you might consider changing things up a bit for this year's celebration.

One thing you might want to add this year is a Thanksgiving outdoor light display. Many other Thanksgiving decoration ideas can make this time of year even more special and show off your holiday spirit. Keep reading for Thanksgiving décor inspiration for your home, and use that inspiration to create some new memories this year.

1. Brighten the holiday with Thanksgiving lights.

Traditionally, Christmas has been the holiday most associated with pretty light displays; with the days being shorter and night falling way too soon in December, having twinkling lights makes everything feel a little bit brighter and merrier at Christmastime.

Thanksgiving's daylight hours aren't quite as short as those of Christmas, but they're still quite short. Adding lights to your Thanksgiving décor will make the world twinkle, highlight the changing leaves and add some brightness and cheer during the evening hours. Consider adding string lights to your roofline or wrapping trees in your yard with lights, just as you would at Christmas. You can also illuminate the front of your home with floodlights and well lights that brighten your home from below for a lovely uplighting effect.

2. Make your outdoor space festive with the right decorations.

In addition to adding lights to the outside of your home, there are other Thanksgiving decorations that can make your yard look and feel festive and seasonally appropriate. While jack-o-lanterns are generally reserved for Halloween, that doesn't mean you can't add some gourds or uncarved pumpkins to your porch or yard in November.

Cornucopias can also add some traditional flair to your outdoor space. Since Thanksgiving is about showing gratitude, they can be filled with a variety of items that represent some of the things you're thankful for.

If you're looking for something more playful, you might consider adding a blow-up turkey to your yard, or some cute pilgrim cutouts. You can even design your own, making it a fun project for the entire family. After all, holidays are a great time for craft projects that families can cooperate on together, making great memories in the process.

3. Add some fall-blooming flowers to your garden.

Fall may be the time of year when much of your outdoor vegetation goes into hibernation, but you don't have to plunge yourself into bleakness quite yet. There are a variety of different flowers that bloom in the fall that will add some color and life to your outdoor space. What flowers bloom in the fall? Some of the options you might consider include the following:

  • African daisies
  • Marguerite daisies
  • Bidens
  • Canna lily
  • Petunias
  • Sunflowers
  • Russian sage

If you don't have a garden, you can put potted plants in fall hues on your front stoop. Choose from mums, marigolds, asters and more. Fall flowers in planters can add even more gorgeous color to this already colorful season.

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Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving is an important time of year because it gives us the chance to reflect on the people and things in our lives that we appreciate. Adding some outdoor Thanksgiving decorations is a simple way to celebrate the holiday, and to make the fall days (and nights) feel brighter and more welcoming. Lights are always a good choice, as they brighten even the darkest days.

When it comes to holiday lighting installation, MosquitoNix® has the skills and abilities to transform your outdoor space from boring into brilliant. Our MosquitoNix Elves are trained, insured and can handle all kinds of holiday lighting jobs. Let them tackle your Thanksgiving light installation and maintenance needs while you and your family take on the more fun holiday tasks.

Text ELVES or call (855) 808-2847 to learn more about how the Elves can help you. Then, have them set up your Thanksgiving light display so you can show off your holiday spirit with a dazzling display of lights.

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