Replacing screens with fogging & misting systems

Replacing screens with fogging & misting systems

April 18, 2022

As effective as mosquito screens can be at keeping the pests out of areas on your property, they can be difficult to manage. Not only do they only protect certain areas outside, but they can also be unwieldy and a distracting addition to your otherwise beautiful yard. Thankfully, there are other options that give you back the freedom of not having mosquito screens, while still keeping those flying pests away. Your new mosquito solution? Mosquito fogging and misting systems.

Mosquito Fogging Keeps Your Event Screen-Free

When it comes to having a minimal impact on the look and feel of your outdoor property, mosquito fogging can't be beat. These effective treatments work by controlling the life cycle of mosquitos - preventing them from reaching adulthood and preventing them from being a problem. Each fogging treatment can last up to two weeks - but is guaranteed to last for at least 72 hours, meaning that fogging is the perfect way to keep mosquitos away from your outdoor event without needing to worry about putting up screens.

When it comes to mosquito fogging, MosquitoNix has your back. We'll pair you up with a team of license mosquito prevention specialists who will tackle any areas that mosquitos might breed in, keeping them from ruining your event. Instead of buying mosquito screens that you might only use temporarily, screens that might be an eyesore to your otherwise beautiful event, why not opt for mosquito fogging?

Misting Systems for Permanent Solutions

Tear down those mosquito screens and instead add discreet mosquito misting systems to your home. While mosquito screens only protect small areas of your property and might make you feel a bit boxed in, mosquito misting systems are designed house by house to be unnoticeable and to protect your entire yard.

These state of the art systems use a potent insect-killing solution that's eco-friendly and can be controlled at your discretion. You can have your system spray your yard at a set time automatically or have it activate on-demand for when you need it. Spend more time enjoying the freedom and openness of your yard - without all the distracting mosquito screens.

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