Palmetto Bugs vs. Cockroaches: Are They the Same Bug?

February 25, 2022


There are many misconceptions about the relationship between palmetto bugs and cockroaches. Maybe you live in the South and are quite familiar with palmettos, or maybe you heard a Southerner mention that they stumbled across one and were curious about this bug. You may be surprised to know that palmettos and cockroaches are the same bug, so why the different names?

What Is a Palmetto Bug?
“Palmetto bug” is a regional term for cockroaches, used mostly in the southeastern United States. Residents of states like Florida and South Carolina began calling the nasty critters palmettos because they were commonly found around the tropical palmetto tree, but there is no actual difference between a palmetto bug and a cockroach.

The American Cockroach
To be precise, palmetto bugs are the same as American cockroaches — there are actually thousands of cockroach species in the world. American cockroaches are a reddish-brown color and can be found both indoors and outdoors. If you have a cockroach infestation in or around your property and live in the United States, it is likely an American cockroach (or palmetto bug). These pesky pests multiply extremely quickly, so it is important to take the appropriate measures to completely remove them from your property.

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