Our Top 5 Favorite Outdoor Games for Families

Our Top 5 Favorite Outdoor Games for Families

May 05, 2021

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Spring and summer are just around the corner, which means warmer weather. After spending most of your time indoors during the cold months, we know you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Here are our top five outdoor family games.

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Capture the Flag

If you have kids that like to run around, capture the flag is a wonderful outdoor game to play during the summer. All you need for this game is a large area and a flag for each team. You can use anything for your flag from an old bandana to a rubber chicken. Split your play area into two equal territories. Each team will then place their flag in their territory. The goal is to capture the other team’s flag and guard your own. If you are tagged while in their territory, you must perform a predetermined task and return to your own territory. 


Cornhole is a classic lawn game that’s great for both kids and adults. This game involves two angled boards with a hole near the top of each and two sets of four bean bags. The objective is for each player to toss their bean bags through the hole on the board opposite them. A player gets three points if a bag goes through the hole and one point if a bag lands on the board. You can create your own cornhole set or find one at the store. You can even get lightweight, portable ones to take with you to the beach, park or camping. 

horseshoes game


Horseshoes is another classic that is easy to set up yourself. All you need is a lawn or sand area, two stakes and four horseshoes. Place the stakes a good distance apart from each other. The standard is 40 feet, but if you have children playing, you might want to reduce this. One player throws their horseshoes at the opposite stake, and then the second player goes. The horseshoe closest to the stake scores a point, and a ringer (the horseshoe is around the stake), is three points. 


Tag is a simple game that requires no equipment. It involves a lot of running, making it perfect if you need your kids to get some energy out. One player is “it” and must place their hand on another player to tag them. When someone is tagged, they are now it. Tag is great because you can put different variations on it. For the basic game, you can have the person who is it no longer be it as soon as they tag someone, which lets the game go on indefinitely. You can also have both players be it and the game will end when only one person is left.

You can put a twist on tag with freeze tag, where a person who is tagged must stay frozen until another player who is not it comes along and tags them to unfreeze them. Another fun way to play is tunnel tag, which is like freeze tag but a tagged player stands with their legs wide and another player must crawl through their legs to release them. 

Giant Board Games

Giant versions of board games like Connect Four, Jenga and checkers let you bring fun indoor games to the outside. Many of these games you can DIY at home, or you can find them online and at your local big box store.

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