Nix Summertime Bugs and Pests

Nix Summertime Bugs and Pests

April 17, 2023

Ah, summer. Finally, you can take some well earned time to have some fun in the sun. Or, maybe relaxation is more your style. Be it a family vacation to the beach, a mountain getaway or just times out of the office in nature, be sure to protect yourself and your family from the stings or bites of these common pests.

Here are some common summer bug bites and tips on how to prevent them for you or your family.


These annoying insects are aggressive biters that are perpetually in search of a blood meal. These pests are commonly found in areas that attract humans, too: warm, sun filled weather next to a body of water.

Only female mosquitoes require a blood meal, and this is so that they can develop their eggs. Annoying with their buzzing and biting, mosquitoes can also be dangerous to you and your family. These pests are known to carry serious diseases like Zika, West Nile and Dengue fever.

To prevent mosquito bites:

  • Avoid leaving standing water about as this is where mosquitoes breed
  • Cover up exposed skin with loose fitting clothing to minimize areas prone to bites
  • Tuck in any loose articles of clothing so mosquitoes do not go in search of easily accessible skin to bite
  • Wear aa repellent with DEET but be sure to use as directed. Be especially careful around babies and children and use only repellent that is safe for them



Ticks are born of nightmares. Tiny little bugs that burrow into your skin and cause diseases like Lyme, rocky mountain spotted fever and Colorado tick fever. Many who contract these diseases must drastically alter their lifestyles.

Ticks are usually found in wooded areas, tall grass and any landscape with trees and shrubs. Ticks are difficult to see and like to crawl into crevices of the body where it can be even harder to spot them.

To remove ticks, use tweezers and pull the tick by the head. Steady, upward pressure is important to maintain when pulling out ticks so that its mouth parts do not break away and remain lodged in the skin. Immediately clean the area with rubbing alcohol and your hands with soap and water.

To prevent tick bites:

  • Cover up exposed skin with loose fitting clothing to minimize areas prone to bites
  • Tuck in any loose articles of clothing so mosquitoes do not go in search of easily accessible skin to bite
  • As much as possible, avoid brushing against vegetation during walks and hiking
  • Check your hair and skin for ticks periodically when spending any time outdoors. Be sure to thoroughly check children and babies


Biting Midges


Perhaps because they are so tiny, it is difficult to nail down one common name for these pests. They look similar to gnats with one nasty difference-they bite, hard.

These teeny, tiny pests are difficult to spot-often smaller than the point of a no.2 pencil-but they sure are noticeable when they bite.

Like mosquitoes, female no-see-ums require a blood meal in order to develop their eggs.


To prevent biting midge bites:

  • Avoid lingering outdoors during peak biting times of dusk and dawn
  • Apply insect repellent
  • Use a tent that has an included mesh screen small enough to keep out these tiny bugs
  • Continue air flow with a high-speed ceiling fan in outdoor areas


Summer is supposed to be fun and relaxing but these biting pests can quickly put a damper on any outdoor leisure time.

The most effective way to prevent bites from these pests is to eradicate them before they can bite you or your family.

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