Natural Repellants for No See Ums

Natural Repellants for No See Ums

May 15, 2023

No-see-ums are also called biting midges or black flies are tiny, biting insects that really put a damper on any outdoor event or adventure.

True to their namesake, no-see-ums are tiny insects that may escape immediate notice. Once bitten, however, these little pests are hard to ignore.

No-see-ums do not carry diseases or viruses like mosquitoes do, but they still have the power to ruin any day that is to be spent in the outdoors.

No-see-um bites

No-see-um bites are painful, and they tend to linger for several weeks before they fully heal. Bites are relentlessly itchy for an average of 4 days after you get bitten by a no-see-um.

Bites are only from female no-see-ums. Males have only mouthparts that allow them to eat the nectar of plants, but females require extra protein to develop their eggs. Blood meals, like from the blood currently pulsing under your skin, are what provides female no-see-ums with the protein needed for the development of eggs. Female mouthparts allow them to slice into the skin and draw blood from underneath.

How to get rid of no-see-ums

No-see-um bites are uncomfortable enough to make anyone an unhappy camper. Luckily, there are many ways you can naturally rid yourself of these pests.

CO2 Traps

No-see-ums are naturally attracted to humans because of the carbon dioxide that humans exhale in the air around us. A CO2 trap will lure no-see-ums into the trap through the scent of humans.

Clean up your yard

No-see-ums like to hang around thick vegetation and tall grasses. Hedging shrubbery and mowing your lawn on a regular basis will discourage no-see-ums from loitering in your outdoor spaces.

Because no-see-ums breed in and around any pockets of moisture, eliminating standing water in your yard and in your home will deter the breeding of no-see-ums on your property.

Herbs and essential oils

Traps kill no-see-ums and keeping your outdoor space tidy will deter them from hanging around but there are herbs and essential oils that will help repel no-see-ums.

Lemon, eucalyptus, mint and camphor are effective and natural ways to repel no-see-ums. These essential oils can be mixed into sprays, candles, or lotions to work as insect repellant. Though essential oils can be considered natural, it is still important to follow directions when using them.

Herbs do not have to be just in oil form to be a useful no-see-um repellent, though. Planting mint and eucalyptus in pots and setting them out on a patio or porch can help repel no-see-ums.

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