Mosquitoes: All Buzz and No Bite

January 29, 2018

We've all seen the news stories about disease spreading from a single mosquito bite. These outbreaks are nearly impossible to control and affect wide ranges of populations in a very short amount of time, a combination which has the potential to make mosquito-borne viruses extremely deadly.

It is this danger that has led scientists to ask a groundbreaking question: What if we took away the mosquitoes' need to bite?

It has been discovered that there is a population of mosquitoes that have both biting and non-biting varieties called Wyeomyia smithii. By studying these mosquitoes, scientists are attempting to identify the specific genes that lead certain mosquitoes to bite while others do not require biting and blood feeding in order to obtain nutrition. If we can identify, isolate and understand this gene, it is reasonable to believe that one day we may live in a world that is free from blood-feeding mosquitoes all together.

Nature vs. Science

This discovery raises the question: We can, but should we? How far are we willing to go to avoid not only itchy and frustrating, but also potentially life-threatening bites from mosquitoes?

Some believe that the answer is clear: If we are able to save lives by removing the risk of mosquito bites all together, then we should absolutely do it. The benefit of saving both human and animal lives vastly outweighs any potential negatives.

But the other camp of thought is equally vocal, claiming that genetically modifying an entire species treads a very delicate line that should not be crossed.

What do you think? Is it best to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves, or should we avoid tampering with nature and instead put up with the potential health risks that mosquito bites pose?

For more information on this discovery and the actions being taken by scientists, visit the article on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America website here.

Modern-Day Solutions

Regardless of where you stand on this issue, the reality is that we won't have to heavily consider it for quite some time. Science is on the case, but it will take a very long while before a solution is arrived at.

In the meantime, consumers must rely upon existing solutions to provide themselves, their friends and their families with protection from pests.

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