Mosquito Vision and how it works

Mosquito Vision and how it works

May 16, 2022

Sometimes, it can seem like mosquitos know exactly where you are, no matter what you do. You might see them from several feet away flying towards you and wonder: how is it that mosquitos can find us so easily? As it turns out, mosquitos are hard-wired to seek out people based on a few characteristics. Here's how mosquito vision works.

Mosquitos' Eyes Are Built to See Us

Mosquitos' eyes see things differently than we do. Specifically, as it turns out, mosquitos are attracted to certain colors, including red and orange. Researchers found that the flying pests would be drawn to reddish hues and fly towards them - the exact colors that our skin reflects. But there's also an additional step to attracting the vision of mosquitos. In particular, mosquito vision is triggered by the smell of carbon dioxide - the gas that we exhale.

Mosquitos are prompted by carbon dioxide, which makes them seek out reddish hues in order to find a place to land and bite us. Mosquitos are also drawn toward heat, which can include the warmth of your breath as well as your body heat. Of course, this affects other animals as well, but since human beings have so much exposed skin, we're a favorite of the flying pests.

How Can We Keep Mosquitos Away?

Unfortunately, keeping mosquitos away from us isn't as simple as avoiding the colors red and orange. While it is helpful, mosquitos are still drawn to us by the heat and carbon dioxide of our breath and the reddish hues of our faces. Not breathing heavily might work in your favor, but if you really want to avoid mosquitos completely, opting for mosquito repellent or mosquito extermination is your best bet.

Portable mosquito killers are a great way to keep mosquitos from ruining your camping trip or outdoor picnic. These devices work by protecting you for up to 300 square feet and feature automatic and on-demand options to keep mosquitos away. You can also call the experts - like MosquitoNix - who can help you determine the best way to keep mosquitos away, with useful options like mosquito fogging treatments and mosquito misting systems. The best way to keep mosquitos away is prevent them from ever reaching adulthood in the first place.

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