Give the gift of Professional Holiday Lighting from the MosquitoNix Elves

MosquitoNix Holiday Lighting Difference - Mosquito Nix

November 30, 2018

We Provide the Best Service

When it comes to mosquito control, MosquitoNix® is renowned for our effective treatments and superior standards of service. But did you know that we provide outdoor Christmas lights installation, too?

With the same expertise and professionalism we employ in our mosquito control services, MosquitoNix sets up and maintains beautiful lights and outdoor decorations for Christmas and we go the extra mile as we do with our other services. We don’t simply install your holiday light displays and décor, and then disappear. Our Christmas lights and décor service is comprehensive, from planning the display to clearing it away and keeping it until next year.

MosquitoNix is your décor and lighting partner throughout the entire holiday season. Using the highest level of care, we offer gorgeous, impressive lighting installation for your home, business or neighborhood.

Imagine the time and stress you’ll save yourself by having MosquitoNix bring, put up, maintain, remove and store your holiday lights and decorations. And imagine all the room you’ll free up in your home by letting us store your display from season to season.

Eliminate the hassle and restore the Ho-Ho-Ho to your holiday! You deserve it. Contact the installation professionals at MosquitoNix.

We Bring Our Own Lights

Here’s to not having to dig your lights and décor out of a dusty attic or spider-infested garage (we can help you with this, too, by the way), where it sits around taking up space for 11 months of the year. With MosquitoNix, you simply tell us what you want, and we provide the lights, equipment and any extra trimmings needed. We’ll create a holiday extravaganza so spectacular, even the biggest Scrooge won’t be able to resist catching the Christmas spirit.

Got a special theme or decoration idea in mind? Just let us know what you want. MosquitoNix will source whatever is needed to create it, and then bring your holiday decoration dream to life.

Problems? We'll Be Right There, Rain or Shine

You’ll be reassured to know that our commercial-grade lighting is made to withstand the harshest of outdoor climates. Once we complete your outdoor holiday lighting installation, its maintenance is our responsibility. What a relief!

Did a light go out? Simply call us, and one of our licensed, insured technicians will be out in no time to replace it. Power outages, storm damage or any other issues will be handled by our capable team, keeping your holiday lights shining bright and good as new.

We Uninstall Your Lights and Décor, Too

Post-Christmas let-down is so much easier to handle when you know you don’t have to take down, organize and store your holiday lights and decorations. MosquitoNix will be there to uninstall and clear away the lighting on your property. We store the lights in our warehouse until you call us next season.

Once you find out how easy and stress-free it is to have us handle your outdoor display, you’ll want to make us your new holiday tradition. Simply put, you can't go wrong with Christmas light installation from MosquitoNix. Try us out this year you’ll be so happy you did.

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