Location Highlight: Birmingham

Location Highlight: Birmingham

November 22, 2017

Birmingham and Huntsville are beautiful, thriving cities. Residents and businesses in these locations enjoy the bounty of warm weather for most of the year, but the heat also comes with one relentless irritation: mosquitos. Unfortunately, the warm, humid weather in the region does tend to attract mosquitos, which can be especially annoying for those who wish to enjoy the many fun outdoor activities and attractions in and around these cities. To make matters worse, the annual hurricane season can cause the mosquito population to quickly multiply, even when Birmingham and Huntsville escape the worst of a hurricane's damage. Just by bringing more moisture to the area, these hurricanes create an environment where mosquitos thrive. Fortunately, MosquitoNix® offers affordable and effective solutions to keep those mosquitos out of sight and out of mind.

Whether you're out camping in the middle of nowhere or simply enjoying a picnic in your own backyard, mosquitos can quickly become your number-one pest. However, it's important to remember that these flying insects may also pose a health threat since they can potentially carry dangerous diseases like the West Nile and Zika viruses. To protect yourself and your family, contact our mosquito elimination experts at MosquitoNix to learn about our pest control solutions. As the leading mosquito authority in Birmingham and Huntsville, we know the area well and can deliver customized solutions to keep mosquitos away. Whether you want a custom misting system for your home or business, spraying at a location before a special outdoor event or a mobile unit you can use to keep mosquitos away wherever you go, we'll help you find the right solutions for your needs. We also offer monthly QuickNix® fogging treatments to deliver ongoing mosquito protection.

Don't let pesky bugs take away from your enjoyment of the city you love. Whether you live in or around Birmingham and Huntsville, MosquitoNix is here to help you stay protected and enjoy the outdoors in any kind of weather. Call today to learn more about our mosquito control treatments and to receive a free estimate.

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