Is mosquito fogging safe?

Is mosquito fogging safe?

May 02, 2022

When planning for an outdoor event, you might be considering how to keep that space free of mosquitoes and other pests. You want pest control that will work, but you also want a safe option for your family and pets. Mosquito fogging is a popular choice, but how much do you know about it? Are mosquito fogging chemicals safe? Are there mosquito fogging health risks? MosquitoNix® is here to answer your questions about the safety and effectiveness of our QuickNix® mosquito fogging services.

What is Mosquito Fogging?

Mosquito fogging treatments eliminate mosquitoes and other flying pests in outdoor areas by targeting spots where mosquitoes breed, like dense vegetation, shrugs, hedges and tree canopies. Using a fogger, our professionals disperse non-toxic solutions for broad coverage of outdoor spaces. These treatments interfere with the mosquito life cycle, meaning that fogging treatments stop mosquitoes while and before they're a problem. Our QuickNix® fogging treatment can give you a guaranteed 72 hours free of worrying about mosquito bites and up to 2 weeks more of mosquito control. You can request ongoing service or look into a more comprehensive approach, including our custom misting systems.

How Does QuickNix® Fogging Treatment Work?

Unlike other chemical-based mosquito control, MosquitoNix® relies on effective, non-toxic solutions to get the job done. It's one quick and easy step, so you don't have to worry about scheduling return visits before your special event, backyard cookout or pool party. MosquitoNix® relies on the latest innovative research for an effective fogging treatment that repels adult mosquitoes and disrupts their life cycle. We use a solution derived from clean, organic, sustainable, non-GMO and non-Pathogenic sources, yet it is more effective than other natural mosquito repellents and won't harm friendly pollinators. We even back our fogging treatment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; that's how confident we are that you will love our services.

How Safe and Effective is Fogging?

Most mosquito fogging methods are non-harmful to pets, children, plants and local wildlife in the treated areas. Our eco-friendly options are also guaranteed not to cause disease or harm to mammals, fish, livestock, birds, frogs, bees or poultry in the area while still controlling the life cycle of mosquitoes and other pests. We advise you to keep children and pets indoors during a fogging treatment to prevent skin irritation from direct contact.

Mosquito fogging treatments can be effective for up to two weeks but are guaranteed to last at least 72 hours, making them perfect for weekend events or outdoor gatherings. By targeting mosquitoes before they reach adulthood, MosquitoNix can keep your event free of pests. For extended mosquito protection and at-home options, our custom mosquito misting system is another effective mosquito extermination solution.

Talk to our experts about our green services and other mosquito control services. We are happy to create a custom solution for your residential or commercial property to make any time spent outdoors pleasant and mosquito-free. We have local offices in more than 500 cities and over nine countries to better serve you.

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