How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Hunting

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Hunting

October 05, 2021

Before embarking on any type of hunting trip, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. In addition to safely preparing guns and ammo, this also means getting together the gear and supplies you’ll need to stay safe and comfortable in the great outdoors. Because there’s a lot to account for, it’s easy for hunters to forget about insect control. But once you’re out in the wilderness, you’ll be grateful you took the time to pack mosquito repellant for hunting and consider other techniques for warding off pesky pests.

Man by the water with his dog, presumably about to set off on the water to hunt.

Consider Your Location

One of the smartest ways to prevent mosquitoes from ruining an overnight hunting trip is to pick a proper spot to camp. Research the area ahead of time and try to choose a spot that’s exposed to the wind, which will help ward off mosquitoes, horse flies, sand gnats, and black flies. It’s also important to steer clear of camping spots near bodies of water or areas with tall, overgrown grass.

Wear the Right Clothes

Mosquitoes can squeeze their way to through all kinds of fabrics, including soft cotton weave. So it’s important to wear clothes that will provide a true barrier between your body and bugs. Dense fabrics such as denim and canvas are best because they have high thread counts that provide almost 100% protection against mosquitoes. In areas where it’s just too hot to wear these types of materials, opt for synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, or rayon. There are also brands that make lighter-weight clothing designed specifically to repel insects.

Use Insect Repellant

It’s always important to bring plenty of bug spray on your hunting trip. These sprays can be applied to both skin and fabric and contain active ingredients that drive away mosquitos and prevent them from landing on your skin to bite.

Man in camouflage spraying his face with bug spray while he covers the top of his head and closes his eyes.

One of the most common active ingredients in bug sprays is DEET, also known as diethyltoluamide. It’s highly effective at repelling most insects, including mosquitoes, horseflies, sand flies, and gnats. If you’re not a fan of sprays, there are also mosquito-repellent wristbands you can wear, which are just as effective at driving away pesky pests.

If you’d rather stay away from bug repellents that contain chemicals, there are some all-natural solutions you can try. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary, citronella, tea tree, and peppermint are known to have insect-repelling properties. They are also good for reducing redness and soothing itch, making them excellent supplies to have on hand during a hunting trip.

Portable Repellent

Another effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to bring along MosquitoNix’s On-the-Go Portable Misting System. Compact, easy to pack, and battery operated, the device is perfect for hunting and camping trips. To learn more about this portable misting system, or any of our other customized pest control solutions, get in touch with us today. Our expert technicians will tell everything you need to know and help you schedule a free estimate.

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