How to Eliminate the Threat of Zika in North Texas

How to Eliminate the Threat of Zika in North Texas

June 26, 2017

For many years, mosquitos were more of an annoyance than an actual health threat. But with diseases like West Nile spreading, they’ve become a danger to many individuals. The rise of Zika in recent years has also caused many concerns regarding mosquito infestations, particularly among pregnant women. Even women who are not yet pregnant but are planning to try to conceive soon are considered at risk. So how do you keep mosquitos away, especially when you’re in a place that attracts mosquitos such as Dallas?

Fortunately for local residents, MosquitoNix® offers simple, affordable and effective solutions for mosquito control. We’ve helped countless families in and around Dallas to protect their homes from these potentially dangerous pests. Mosquitos are incredibly common in Dallas, particularly during the warmer months of the year. But with MosquitoNix, it’s easy to keep them away from your home.

Our main service at MosquitoNix is a customized misting system that is installed around your yard. Our licensed and trained technicians will personally inspect your yard and place nozzles low to the ground to ensure that all areas are appropriately covered. This unobtrusive yet effective system mists your yard a few times a day for just 45 seconds at a time to keep your yard completely mosquito-free, no matter how hot or humid the weather may get.

We also offer additional mosquito control services that may come in handy depending on your needs. For special events, we offer fogging treatments to rid the area of mosquitos and other pests. If you’ll be traveling for camping trips, hunting trips or even heading out to the backyard, our compact, battery-operated dispenser offers protection that’s portable. We even have eco-friendly alternatives that make your mosquito control effects entirely environmentally friendly.

Stop wasting time with insect repellant products that don’t work. Instead, sit back and relax while MosquitoNix keeps your property free of mosquitos day in and day out. You’ll stay protected and healthy while also enjoying your outdoor space without pesky bug bites.

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