How Far Do Mosquitoes Fly or Travel? - MosquitoNix®

How Far Do Mosquitoes Fly or Travel? - MosquitoNix®

February 17, 2021

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How Far Do Mosquitoes Fly or Travel?

When a mosquito buzzes by your ear, it may sound like they’re traveling exceptionally fast. These winged insects can also dodge your swatting hand more often than not. So, just how far and fast do mosquitoes fly?

Mosquito Flight FAQ

◾️ How far do mosquitoes travel?

The vast majority of mosquito species won’t fly far from their breeding grounds. Some species, like the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (which may carry Zika and other diseases), generally won’t travel more than a few hundred feet from their breeding ground.

◾️ What mosquito species fly farther away from their breeding grounds?

Other mosquito species will fly one, two or even three miles away from their breeding grounds. Others may travel up to seven miles or more from where they hatched. Saltmarsh mosquitoes can travel up to 40 miles away from their birthplace by riding high altitude winds.

◾️ How high can mosquitoes fly?

As a general rule, mosquitoes that prey on humans tend not to fly more than 25 feet off the ground. Some species do fly higher because they prefer to breed in taller structures or trees, or they can find food higher up (especially if the wind carries them aloft).

◾️ How fast can mosquitoes fly?

A mosquito’s average flight speed is 1.5 mph or less. Not very fast overall, but usually fast enough to elude a swatting human hand.

Mosquito Control

If you have a ton of mosquitoes in your yard, you’re probably close to a body of water — or you have the right conditions on your property — for these flying pests to breed and survive.

Mosquitoes that carry diseases can also “hitch” rides. Hitching means that instead of flying, they perch on a suitcase or overseas shipment, then establish new breeding grounds in areas favorable to their survival.

MosquitoNix® has a variety of different methods to kill irritating mosquitoes in your yard. Whether they hitched a ride, flew to your property or hatched nearby, mosquitoes won’t stand a chance against our misting systems and fog treatments. Call us today to handle your mosquito problems, protect your family and keep these flying insects from making your yard their home.

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