Have Social Distanced Fun This Summer with a Backyard Picnic

Have Social Distanced Fun This Summer with a Backyard Picnic

September 16, 2021

In order to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19, it’s important to continue to take precautions. This includes keeping a safe social distance from friends and loved ones that you do not see on a regular basis. But don’t fret — you can still have a fun-filled summer party by hosting a backyard picnic. Here are some tips to help you throw an awesome outdoor gathering.

Group sitting on a picnic blanket outside with the sun beaming behind them as one of the group members plays guitar and the rest enjoy wine.

Pre-Party Set Up

Since the party will be right in your own backyard, you can swap a standard picnic blanket with a washable bedspread or a duvet with a removeable cover. Lay a tarp underneath the items to protect them from wet ground. You can also add some pretty pillows for a luxe, garden-party look, or stuffed animals and other toys for a kids’ party.

In addition to ambiance, it’s important to make sure your guests are comfortable dining outdoors. Have plenty of bug repellant on hand and burn citronella candles if you’re holding your backyard picnic at night. You may also want to consider having a continuous mosquito control system installed in your backyard for 24/7 relief from pesky pests.


Don’t have a picnic basket? No problem! Use a large tote or reusable shopping bag instead. It won’t be a big deal if you forget to pack an item or two, since you can easily run back into the house to get it. It’s also a good idea to forgo flimsy paper and plastic and use real plates, utensils, serving trays, and cups. They won’t be that difficult to carry the short distance to your backyard and will give your party an instant shot of class and style.


Food & Drink

Coming up with the menu can be the most challenging part of organizing a backyard picnic party. Cold-cut sandwiches and BLTs are good main courses to include since they’re easy and quick to make. You can also serve plenty of store-bought snacks, such as potato chips, pretzels, nuts, and rice cakes. For dessert, bake up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies or splurge on some treats from your local bakery. Other great picnic foods to serve include fried chicken, fruit salad, pasta or potato salad, deviled eggs, sausage rolls, and other finger foods.

Six deviled eggs carefully centered upon an ornate white plate.

As far as beverages go, always make sure you have plenty of ice water on hand to provide your guests. It’s also good to offer diet and regular soda, as well as fruit juice and other kid-friendly options. If you plan to serve alcohol, your best bet is to have a cooler filled with bottled and canned drinks such as beer and hard seltzer. For popular summer cocktails like sea breezes, wine spritzers, margaritas, and mojitos, it’s best to prepare them in batches ahead of time. You can also serve pitchers of sangria and offer pre-made frosés.


What would a picnic party be without some fun summer games? If you have enough room, scatter a few game sets around your backyard. Think cornhole, badminton, bocce, croquet, and the like. If you’re hosting kids, prepare for fun activities such as water balloon catches, freeze tag, capture the flag, and H-O-R-S-E.

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