Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bother Your Outdoor Diners

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bother Your Outdoor Diners

August 19, 2020

Having an outdoor patio at your restaurant allows diners to indulge in an enjoyable and unique dining experience. You want them to remember the atmosphere and food, not that they were attacked by flying pests. Protecting your diners from mosquitoes is imperative. Here are some ways to achieve that goal:

  1. Having the Area Treated for Pests

One of the best ways to ensure that mosquitoes don’t bother your guests while they dine in the fresh air is to have a professional treat the area. Having them come in and do regular fogging treatments will stop mosquitoes from frequenting the area. This gives your customers the ability to enjoy the food, company and outdoor experience without becoming a meal themselves.

  1. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water because it’s an ideal habitat for them to lay their eggs. To keep your guests protected from these flying insects, it’s advised that you get rid of any puddles or standing water around your business.

Whether caused by a sprinkler system or water that gathers around trash receptacles, taking care of this issue is in your best interest. This, coupled with regular pest treatments, is a great way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

  1. Add Some Fans to the Space

Adding fans to your outdoor space will not only keep your guests cool and comfortable while they dine outside, but the breeze will also keep mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes are weak fliers, so having a breeze can make it difficult for them to buzz around and bother your guests. In addition to keeping mosquitoes away, fans could also help shoo away flies.

  1. Maintain Your Landscaping

If you happen to have any landscaping around your business, including grass, trees or shrubs, it’s advised that you keep this mowed and trimmed. This will reduce the number of places where insects can hang out and wait for their next meal. It’s also a good idea to move plants and shrubs as far from dining areas as possible. Not only do insects use these areas to hide, but other pests such as mice and rats can conceal themselves in the vegetation.

Maintaining your landscaping not only protects diners, it also makes your business look appealing. Since you’ll need to water your vegetation to keep it green and healthy, but you don’t want puddles and standing water, consider getting an automatic sprinkler system installed that waters your plants when your business is closed.

outdoor dining area

Working with Pest Control Specialists

Keeping your outdoor dining area free from pests ensures that guests have a memorable and enjoyable dining experience at your establishment. To keep the bugs away, it’s imperative that you work with experienced specialists who have the right pest control systems to use around your restaurant.

At MosquitoNix®, we are a national leader in mosquito control. We have more than 15 years of experience when it comes to getting rid of pests. No infestation is too large or too small for us to handle. We know how important guest comfort and safety is, and we do what we can to rid your outdoor space of flying pests. Contact us or request a quote today! Read about our virtual consultation option for a contact-free approach.

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