Can Plants help to repel mosquitos

October 26, 2017

In the battle to get rid of pesky mosquitos, many people are turning to eco-friendly plants as a natural means of fighting infestations. Certain types of plants contain oils that may indeed repel blood-sucking flying insects, but studies are ongoing to figure out which ones contain the best repellent properties for mosquito control. If you're thinking about using plants to keep mosquitoes at bay, read on to find out which plants show the most promise.

The plants commonly associated with mosquito control are American beautyberry, catnip, horsemint, lantana, lemon balm, lemon basil, lemon thyme, lemongrass, mint, Mexican mint marigold and rosemary. All contain natural compounds that ward off mosquitoes, but their level of effectiveness is still up for debate. Sometimes plants are falsely touted as mosquito fighters. For instance, the scented geranium a.k.a. mosquito plant may smell like citronella, but studies show it has limited value as a repellent.

Before you spend time and effort planting these botanicals, it's important to note that they won't do much in their natural state. To enjoy their repellent features, you'll need to take the additional step of cutting and distributing their leaves, or extract oils locked inside their leaves. The practice of strewing leaves involves spreading clipped leaves in areas where mosquitoes hover. When stepped on, the leaves release bug deterrent compounds. Extraction involves more work to create concentrated essential oils for skin repellents and yard sprays.

While you're deciding if you want to go through the necessary steps to place any of these plants in your yard, you can take immediate steps to get rid of stagnant water. Mosquitoes don't travel far, so if your infestation is severe, the source of your misery is likely standing water somewhere on or near your property. Check everywhere, and remove standing water from pool covers, potted plant saucers, landlocked boats, old tires and other common sources.

If mosquitoes have already taken over your yard, and you're constantly being bitten day and night, it's time to bring in the experts. The MosquitoNix® team has decades of experience in mosquito removal, and we've got the right formulas to treat and quickly eradicate the infestation. Call us to set an appointment for our experts to service your property, or talk to us about our highly-effective remote-controlled portable misters.

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