Buzz Off, Beach Flies! Expert Advice for Keeping Flies from Ruining Your Beach Time

Buzz Off, Beach Flies! Expert Advice for Keeping Flies from Ruining Your Beach Time

July 03, 2023

When you plan a day at the beach, you may pack sunscreen, chairs, snacks and beverages to keep you cool in the heat. You get everything set up and start to relax, and then it happens: a painful bug bite when you least expect it. Unfortunately, you aren't the only one who looks forward to a seaside visit: biting flies also come out to feast on unsuspecting beachgoers. What are biting beach flies, and why are they so determined to ruin your good time? MosquitoNix® explains what attracts these pests and how to get rid of beach flies before they send you running for cover.

What to Know About Beach Flies

Biting flies at the beach fall into two main categories. First, you have the tiny ones that go by several names, including sand flies, biting midges or no-see-ums. These little nippers are common along the southern coastline, but they are not alone. The other main kinds of biting insects are beach or horse flies, and their bite packs a wallop. Unlike biting midges, horse flies resemble house flies, but they tend to be much larger and have green heads.

Beach flies love a warm, humid environment, and tidal flats, marshes and dunes have it all: warmth, safety, water and a stable food source, humans. They tend to be most active during the day, around the same time you and your family want to enjoy a day at the beach. Biting flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale and the warmth of your body, and they can be pretty persistent, leaving you with painful welts as a souvenir of your time at the shore.

How To Get Rid of Biting Flies at the Beach

You don't have many options to eradicate beach flies, but you can decrease their likelihood of bugging you. One of the easiest ways to deter biting flies is by covering up; light-colored clothing, including long-sleeve shirts, pants and hats, limits the amount of exposed skin they can access.

Another way to repel beach flies is with scents, preferably in the form of a natural bug spray. Look for products containing lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus essential oils, and be sure to reapply after you dry off from playing in the water. Consider taking a portable fan to keep you cool and create a breeze that discourages beach flies from landing on your skin for a quick bite.

For another easy solution, contact MosquitoNix about our portable On-the-Go Portable Misting System. This dispenser allows you to spread a mist that eliminates mosquitoes, gnats, wasps and other flying pests that want to ruin a perfect outdoor day. You can also take this defense unit on camping trips or use it in your backyard before entertaining or hanging out.

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