Best Ways to Treat Mosquito Bites on Kids

Best Ways to Treat Mosquito Bites on Kids

May 13, 2020

mosquitoes swarming a child

If it feels like your child is a mosquito magnet, then you want to do what you can to minimize the amount of bites they get while outside. Not only is the itching annoying, but it can lead to a host of other issues.

Not only can mosquitoes transmit dangerous and deadly diseases through their bite, but too much scratching can break open the skin, allowing bacteria in and developing an infection. So, if you find that your children are being bitten by mosquitoes, treating them quickly is in your best interest.

Treating Mosquito Bites

If you notice the telltale sign of a mosquito bite on your child, there are several ways you can treat it. Take a look at our tips and tricks for treatment of mosquito bites:

Add Some Meat Tenderizer to the Bite

One of the best home remedies to reduce the redness and swelling that accompanies a bug bite is to mix some meat tenderizer into water until it forms a paste. You’ll then apply it directly to the bite and let it sit for a while.

Meat tenderizer works by breaking down proteins in meat to make it softer. When a mosquito bites, they inject proteins into your body. When you add the meat tenderizer paste to the skin, it breaks down these proteins and reduces swelling and discomfort.

Use Anti-Itch Cream

Another option you have to help reduce the itch is to add some calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to the bite. This will ensure that your child doesn’t scratch, which can reduce the chances of a bacterial infection setting in.

mosquito bite on childs face

Give them Allergy Medication

Some children are allergic to mosquito bites, and this becomes obvious when they no longer have a small raised red dot but swelling that extends from the original bite into the surrounding area. Placing ice on the impacted area can help reduce the swelling, but you might also consider giving them allergy medication such as Benadryl to reduce it even further.

This medication comes in liquid, pill and cream form, and any of these could reduce the over-reaction your child’s body has to the bite.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

In addition to treating mosquito bites after they have occurred, you might also do what you can to prevent them in the first place. Below are some ways to prevent mosquito bites from occurring:

Have Your Yard Treated

Calling in MosquitoNix® to treat your yard is one of the best ways to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property and decrease the chances of your child getting bit. Since you won’t be able to keep your kids inside once the weather gets warm, the next best thing is to protect them as best you can.

There are many different options when it comes to getting your yard treated for mosquitoes, and if you are worried about having chemicals sprayed around your house, you can look into the green option that MosquitoNix has to offer. Not only will this get rid of flying pests, but it will also give you peace of mind that you are doing what’s best for the planet and your family.

Use a Portable Mosquito Repellant

If you are heading to the park for some fun, make sure to take a portable mosquito repellant with you. This will ensure that you and your kids are protected no matter where you go.

It’s Never Too Early for Prevention

Now is the best time to start thinking about making sure your kids are shielded from mosquitoes. Call MosquitoNix today and have them treat your yard to get rid of unwelcome flying pests.

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