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Back to School Mosquito Control Tips for Kids

Summer's over and your kids are heading back to school for a new year of learning and educational exploration. This is a time of year that marks the beginning of a variety of indoor and outdoor school social events. Mosquito infestations, unfortunately, do not end when school doors open. As kids mix and mingle with each other, they make a ripe target for mosquitoes seeking a tasty meal. While communities take measures to protect school children from bites, your kids may not be completely safe from these disease-spreading flying insects. MosquitoNix® shares some handy tips for mosquito bite prevention.

Recess and Outdoor Playtime

Kids enjoy taking a break from classroom learning during school recess, making a break for swings, running around gleefully or congregating in groups. They aren't aware this activity instantly attracts female mosquitoes seeking easy access to a protein-laced meal. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and school playground equipment holding water is a potential infestation problem. Find out what your child's school does about standing water removal, and if nothing is being done, consider pressing the issue with school administration.

Outdoor Sporting Events

Participating in outdoor sports such as baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer and track are time-honored school traditions. Ideally, you want your kids concentrating on scoring points, not on itchy bites that distract their attention. Before heading out for practice or games, make sure young athletes have a supply of mosquito repellent. Choose repellents that provide strong protection for a few hours. Kids can apply a safe repellent on exposed skin before and during outdoor activities. Spectators and fans should do this as well.

Field Trips

Periodically, kids leave school grounds to go on field trips to various places, and swarms of mosquitoes may be lying in wait. Keep mosquitoes from alighting on your kids by dressing them in clothing that covers most of their exposed skin. Encourage them to wear shirts with high neck collars and long sleeves, socks that cover ankles and long pants. Double this protection with an application of mosquito repellent.

Ongoing Home Protection

Make your patio and yard a safe place for school kids of all ages with the help of our MosquitoNix Portable Mosquito Defense System. Designed for ease-of-use, this portable misting system automatically dispenses high-grade insecticide where mosquito swarms are most prevalent. With these tips and our system, your kids have excellent protection from mosquito bites. Contact us to learn more.

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