Mosquito Control Tips for Back-to-School Season

Mosquito Control Tips for Back-to-School Season

June 22, 2021

Back-to-school season is an exciting time filled with opportunity. Because the weather is still warm, kids get to enjoy the outdoors while they learn and make new friends. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are still buzzing about to interfere with the fun. To keep your kids protected from mosquitos during educational activities outside of the classroom, check out these tips from the MosquitoNix® experts.

Recess and Outdoor Playtime

Recess is an important part of a young student’s day. In addition to being good for physical fitness and exercise, it’s also an opportunity for kids take a break from their studies and learn to develop their social skills. But being outside means their easy targets for pesky pests. This is especially true if they’re in a playground or around other types of outdoor school equipment that can hold standing water, as that’s where mosquitoes breed.

To ensure your kids are not unwittingly exposed to areas of infestation, inquire about the school’s water removal policies. Any kind of equipment that can hold water, including swings, sand boxes, slides, and trash cans, should either be drained regularly or outfitting with holes to promote drainage. Water in items impossible to tip, such as water fountains and bird baths, should be inspected and changed every week to prevent mosquito infestation.

Outdoor Sporting Events

Participating in outdoor sports such as baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer, and track are time-honored school traditions. You don’t want your child to be distracted by itchy mosquito bites while they play. Before sending them out for practice or games, make sure your young athletes have a supply of mosquito repellent. Choose repellents that provide strong protection that lasts for a few hours. Kids should apply an effective eco-safe mosquito repellent on exposed skin before and during outdoor activities. Spectators and fans should do this as well.

Field Trips

Periodically, students leave school grounds to go on field trips to various places, where swarms of mosquitoes may be lying in wait. Keep these pesky pets from attacking your kids by dressing them in clothing that covers most of their exposed skin. Make sure they wear long pants, shirts with high neck collars and long sleeves, and socks that cover their ankles. Double this protection with an application of mosquito repellent.

Keeping Kids Protected At Home

Of course, it’s just as essential to make sure your kids are shielded from mosquitoes when they’re playing and learning at home. You can make your patio and yard a protected place for school kids of all ages with the help of our MosquitoNix Portable Mosquito Defense System. Designed for ease-of-use, this portable misting system automatically dispenses a botanical insecticide where mosquito swarms are most prevalent.

Looking for continuous outdoor protection? We recommend the MosquitoNix automatic misting system. Discreetly installed nozzles and tubing align your backyard creating a 24/7 barrier of protection from unwanted pests like mosquitoes. Protect the ones you love with effective, affordable and state-of-the-art mosquito control products.

By combining these tips with our effective mosquito-control solutions, your kids will be protected all day long. Call us today to have a customized plan created for you and your family.

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