Acoustic Mosquito Traps: Everything You Need to Know

February 10, 2022

Acoustic Mosquito traps are an emerging innovation that may revolutionize mosquito control forever. It has recently been discovered that mosquitoes will seek and find a mate through sound. This effect is attempting to be recreated with traps for research purposes. These traps work by emitting a specific frequency that mimics female mosquitoes, attracting any male mosquitoes in the vicinity who are looking to mate. These traps are highly effective and efficient as they do not use any toxic chemicals and are cheaper to manufacture than current mosquito surveillance traps. At the moment, acoustic traps are only being used for surveillance, but these traps have a lot of future potential.

What are Surveillance Mosquito Traps?
Surveillance traps are used to monitor larval and adult mosquito populations over the course of a season. These tools are an extremely important part of a municipal or commercial mosquito control program. It is essential that all municipalities or large industrial operations monitor changes in mosquito populations to predict possible increases in the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses. While infections from North American mosquitoes aren’t exactly common, it is still extremely important to protect citizens and workers from potentially lethal diseases.

Different Types of Surveillance Mosquito Traps
Over the years, a few different types of surveillance mosquito traps have emerged. Light traps, BG-Sentinal Traps and Ecovec MosquiTRAPs are just a few of the most commonly used surveillance mosquito traps. However, these traps are not budget-friendly, especially when compared to acoustic mosquito traps, which may be the most efficient and cost-effective solution on the market.

How Effective are Acoustic Mosquito Traps?
You may be wondering whether the affordability of acoustic traps has an impact on their quality and effectiveness. While acoustic mosquito traps are still an emerging technology, there are some promising data regarding their efficiency in attracting and trapping male mosquitoes in different settings. One study used acoustic tones in a semi-field setting to attract males, with less-than-ideal results. Scientists think that in semi-field conditions, the location of the acoustic trap is extremely critical for a successful operation. A different study has shown that acoustic mosquito traps have proven to be more effective when placed in dark areas that are sheltered from sunlight, wind and rain. Additionally, adding natural odors, such as mushrooms and bananas, seemed to increase effectiveness of the trap.

There have not been many studies documenting the effectiveness of acoustic mosquito traps, but with some adjustments to the studies and technology, these traps have the potential to outclass all other types of surveillance mosquito traps at a fraction of the cost. In the meantime, you can use MosquitoNix’s ultimate control misting systems to drive the pests out of your backyard.

Repel Mosquitoes with MosquitoNix®
While you may find it fun or interesting to surveil mosquitoes, most people have no use for an acoustic mosquito trap. If you are dealing with a large mosquito infestation, it is important to let a professional step in. Trying to battle a mosquito infestation on your own will only lead to stress and frustration. Allow MosquitoNix to use their all-natural and botanical solutions to allow you and your family to get back outside stress-free. Contact MosquitoNix today for all your mosquito needs.

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