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South Texas Mosquito Control

South Texas mosquito control is on a winning streak! Even though everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, with MosquitoNix, no mosquito is too big. Texas-sized mosquito fighting means a don’t-mess-with-Texas attitude. Our team services the South Texas region from McAllen, Texas to Corpus Christi and South Padre Island. 

MosquitoNix will create a custom misting system for your home or business, featuring easily-concealed nozzles that spray reliable, natural pyrethrum into the air at regular intervals — usually two to three times per day. 

You may also want to explore QuickNix™, a one-time solution for parties or special events, or MosquitoNix® On The Go, a portable system that kills mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects on contact. When it comes to mosquito control, Texas gets serious!

Services Provided: 

Custom Misting Systems

Monthly & On-going Fogging Treatments 

Special Event Spraying 

All Natural Treatment Options

What is the MosquitoNix difference? 

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 
  • Industry expert in the development, installation & maintenance of automatic misting systems 
  • Honest, reliable customer service

      Service Areas:

      Aransas Pass | Corpus Christi | Laredo | McAllen | Brownsville | Port Aransas | South Padre Island 

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